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2 new products i think you might love <3

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As many of you may know, i don't really follow recipes too closely. Maybe at first I'll use one as a guideline, but ultimately, for most spontaneous, creative, specialty products, I will add a little more of this or less of that to make something that is so divine. IMO, anyways!

I have created 3 new products this week that I think you might catch your eye and you may just love. 

First, bubble bath salts. Yes! Bubble bath + bath salts all in one pretty little flip-top container. The first batch has gone like hot cakes - there is only one jar left. But, there is definitely more to come, so please keep an eye out. I am trying to be better with writing here, and so, yea, I will continue to be better at this. :) Anyways, rosey bubble bath salts.. a bath salts & bubble bath combo with wild-crafted pink roses. A little rosewood, peppermint, l lavender & yang land essential oil is in there too with pink himalayan and epsom salts as the base. soooo good!

Next, there is always a request for men's products. I have to admit, I am slo go-er with men's products. Not that they aren't equally as important, I think it might simply be that I get the best feedback from my many female customers. No offense to the gentlemen, however, again I will try to do better with this category because I know how important herbs are for men too. 

So, check it out - campfire, fragrance for men. An earthy, sweet, balsamic blend with citrus as well as subtle floral notes. This is a specialized blend that is gently, if you will, reminiscent of a campfire. It will expand the mind, elevate the spirit and inspire breathing... exactly what a campfire should do. Soothing for the body, mind and spirit! 

campfire - fragrance for men

Lastly, Amazonite Roller Ball (insert every single emoji that makes you feel happy inside & out). energy + oils. Love. We have personally harvested these gorgeous amazonite minerals, tumbled them in multiple stages, polished them to a beautiful almost gem-like quality, then added healing essential oils of clove, bergamot and geranium. So convenient and such an easy way to apply. I might be a little personally obsessed with roller balls, but they're just. so. functional. and fun. The amazonite roller ball inspires courage and truth, and it helps dispel negative energy, worry and fear. I think most of could use this, so I hope you will find your way over and grab one for you or someone you care very much for.

amazonite roller ball

Thank you for being here! I wouldn't be able to do this work without your support.

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