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Everything rose, and fall is coming...

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With my current location 9000 ft above sea level, the seasons are not quite what I have ever experienced. Being a California girl mostly raised in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, with many of my adult years spent in a coastal/mountain environment (mountain being so relative now, but that's another story), it has taken some getting used to being here. Seasons are short except for winter which seems to stay longer and come quickly. And, although the landscape is currently quite lush with varying vibrant shades of green, yesterday I noticed on a few younger, smaller trees, that the leaves are beginning to yellow. The mornings are becoming cooler (already), we did have a massive hail storm 3 nights ago, and the coffee tastes even more satisfying with the soft, gentle breezes blowing through my window at dawn. Anyways, Fall is already in the air. The birds love it, the bears are still sauntering about the stream above our bedroom, the fish still love the end of the day bug catching competitions they seem to have with themselves.  It inspires me. And that helps me heal the sometimes brokenness I feel being so far from where home first began.

This lends me to offer a beautiful Rose Autumn Equinox Special Collection. Please, do check it out. I hope you will join me with this absolutely divine creation of small batch, love made herbs and herbal miscellany.

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