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Summer Wellness' Best Kept Secret

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Summer Wellness Oxymel

Warm summer days often lead to a greater abundance of time spent outdoors enjoying all the warm season has offer. Social interactions and increased physical activity are at their peak along with the assumption that well-being will naturally follow. For some, summertime allergies peak and exhaustion ensue, but there are ways to keep your body, mind & spirit in tip-top shape. As with every season, eating seasonal foods contribute greatly to vibrance and robust energy allowing one to take-on all the day promises and more.

Many of the hot teas that provide comfort for fall and winter colds aren't suited for the heated, inflammatory symptoms of summer sniffles and allergies. One of my favorite remedies for warm weather days is the cool and refreshing Fennel Garlic Oxymel. An oxymel is a tasty way to administer your favorite cough and cold herbs in a soothing and cooling remedy. It is an apple cider vinegar based remedy with deliciously sweet blueberries, honey, fennel, and the ever-powerful, anti-oxidant garlic. It also includes cardamom which lends a little more sultry zing to the formula.

This remedy is an excellent choice for the whole family. It is strong enough for adults but gentle enough for children. 

We offer fennel garlic oxymel in two sizes - 4 & 8 ounces. Click here to buy some today

Sweet Summer Blessings to you and yours ~*


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