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We have minerals & pretty stones

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Minerals and gemstones, beautiful, raw pieces of sometimes-colored earthen stones.. All aspects of Nature lend healing qualities, and I have found a deep richness among the dirt and boulders and, often, craggy spaces of where hike or ride an ATV to. So much beauty this great planet has to offer.

Take a read of the newest page I have put up on the website. We have many, many pieces that are still raw, in their natural state varying in size, shape, and value ranging from $15-$80. There is also several pounds working their magic in the rock tumbler that will soon hold greater value and prettiness..

Is their healing you are in need of that may come from holding or wearing a piece of beautiful stone?

Read about what we may have of which may facilitate in your betterment http://www.sweetherbmedicinals.com/minerals/

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