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One of the most beautiful scents of Summer ~ Lovely Lilac

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Do you love flowers? I do! Especially wonderfully fragrant, purple ones! Syringa vulgaris  is a sweet, heady, somewhat spicy, fragrant blooming shrub that has been steeped into the olfactory for many a century. Lilacs are a deciduous bush that can grow upwards of 12’ tall and bloom in an array of colors of white, blue, pink and most commonly found, purple (or lilac). They thrive on rocky hills and are a member of the olive family. The blossoms of this incredibly hearty plant are short-lived; yet, they leave a long-lasting impression to those who have the pleasure of growing them, being raised near them or simply enjoy them.

Lilacs have a deep-rooted history originating in Greek mythology and were thought to be named after the beautiful Nymph called Syringa hence the genus of its botanical name. The common name, Lilac, was borrowed from the French, Arabic and Spanish word of the same name. The word refers to the most common light color of its flowers. In the language of flowers, purple lilacs symbolize the first emotions of love, while white lilacs represent youthful innocence.

Historically, lilacs have been used to prevent stomach related disorders and to kill intestinal parasites & worms. It is helpful to fight bacterial and fungal infections, and lilacs have been used to prevent stimulation of memory forces that connect the soul with joy and life meaning. In the spirit of the plants, flowers heal. Lilac is a true healer.

As you may know, we created a lovely lilac special collection for Sumer Solstice. Like much of the food I prepare for my family, I always make extra herbal wellness & skincare products. So, I wanted to give you a shoutout and invite you to get Lilac Toner, Sugar Scrub & Tincture while it is still available! We only have a couple items still available from this collection.

Read More about Lilac Sugar Scrub Now and Buy The Fabulous Toner Here ~ both options provide an excellent at-home spa experience.

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